Particle Size Distribution 

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Using a laser light diffraction measurement, we can utilize the scattering intensity data resulting from a laser beam passing through a dispersed particulate sample to calculate particle size distributions. 

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Particle Size Distribution (PSD) analysis is a fundamental tool in pharmaceutical research, providing essential insights into the range and distribution of particle sizes within a sample. This information is pivotal for ensuring the uniformity of drug formulations, directly impacting factors such as dosage consistency and bioavailability. In the complex world of pharmaceuticals, where particle size influences drug performance, PSD analysis serves as a foundational element in optimizing formulations and enhancing drug delivery precision.

Moreover, PSD analysis plays a key role in addressing challenges related to drug stability and dissolution rates. By comprehensively understanding the distribution of particle sizes in pharmaceutical formulations, researchers can predict and optimize how drugs interact with the body, influencing critical factors like absorption and onset of action. In essence, PSD analysis stands at the forefront of pharmaceutical research, contributing to the development of safe, effective, and precisely formulated medications.


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