Inverse Gas Chromatography


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Inverse Gas Chromatography (IGC) is a powerful, detailed chromatographic technique for determining the gas retention time of samples, which can be then converted into a retention volume. This is directly related to several physico-chemical properties of the solid (absorbent), including thermodynamic parameters such as surface energy or heat of sorption, and kinetic parameters, such as the diffusion constant or the activation energy of diffusion.

With the measurement of surface properties at different surface coverages, a surface heterogeneity profile of the sample can be produced. Understanding energy distributions is particularly useful at interface boundaries of formulations, as well as to distinguish subtle differences in the surface chemistry of samples. Interactions with the high-energy sites also allow the detection of very small differences between materials. For this reason, iGC has been used successfully in various cases for the investigation of batch-to-batch problems.



Applications & Properties Measured with Inverse Gas Chromatography


Personal Care




Energy Storage

Food and Beverage




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