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Particle Characterisation Laboratories offer a unique service in the scientific landscape. Unlike other CROs, PCL offers a fully comprehensive suite of particle characterisation analysis, enabling us to provide detailed insight into the properties of solid materials. 

PCL aims to provide access to advanced characterisation services to researchers around the world and equip their teams with the knowledge to understand the results and the wider implications.

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PCL was founded in 2022 with the aim of providing expert support in particle characterisation to laboratories across the world. Recognising Hyderabad, India's status as a dynamic hub for international scientific organisations, our parent company, Surface Measurement Systems, collaborated with local authorities to establish this exciting new venture.

Operating from a cutting-edge laboratory, PCL is fully equipped to collaborate with research institutes and laboratories worldwide, offering comprehensive solutions for a wide range of particle science needs. Our commitment is to enhance your research and scientific endeavours.

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Our mission...

To provide dedicated, specialised particle engineering services that: BROADENS unfettered access to solid-state materials characterisation capabilities, SUPPORTS larger research projects and their teams through precise experimentation and analysis, EDUCATES client teams to give them a full understanding of particle characterisation

Meet the Team

Prof. Daryl Williams
Managing Director

 Founder and Managing Director of PCL and its parent company, Surface Measurement Systems, is a distinguished authority in the field of materials characterisation. Daryl's pioneering work has led to the development of groundbreaking techniques and instrumentation that have become industry standards worldwide.

Syed Qutubuddin
Director of Operations

With a distinguished career in scientific instrumentation, Syed initially joined SMS in 2003. Today, he plays a pivotal role in overseeing all local operations in India, effectively managing the launch and ongoing operations of PCL.

Subramani Gunaseelan
Head of the Department

Drawing upon 16 years of extensive expertise in Pharmaceutical Analytical Development, with a strong emphasis on Solid State Characterization and DMF filings within esteemed pharmaceutical enterprises in India. Gunaseelan holds a vital role ensuring the successful execution of client projects with the highest quality standards.  

Daniel Villalobos
Commercial Director

Daniel Villalobos plays a crucial role in PCL by spearheading international efforts and outreach initiatives. With years of valuable experience, he excels in forging connections between research laboratories and our valuable services, fostering collaboration and growth.

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