Particle Characterisation Laboratories (PCL): A Milestone Passed for Hyderabad CRO Pioneering Excellence in Particle Analysis
15 December, 2023 by
Surface Measurement Systems Ltd, John Dowd

Hyderabad, India – It's been an exhilarating six months since Particle Characterisation Laboratories (PCL) first opened its doors to the global laboratory research community. Positioned as a hub for cutting-edge particle characterization services, PCL continues in its mission to provide unparalleled access to advanced materials characterisation.

A Collaborative Journey

At PCL, collaboration remains at the core of its mission. Over these six months, PCL has partnered with laboratories and researchers from around the world, helping them unravel the mysteries of particle analysis. At the centre of this approach is the ability of the PCL team to step into a research project, understand the specific needs of the client, and provide comprehensive, bespoke research packages.

From method development to coaching client teams on data analysis, the PCL team work diligently to provide an unparalleled level of service as a research partner. This collaborative approach has not only provided answers but also sparked new questions, driving innovation in the field.

PCL hosts in-house training in September 2023

Building on a Legacy of Innovation

As a proud member of the Surface Measurement Systems Holdings (SMS) family, PCL has harnessed the wealth of knowledge and experience that SMS has cultivated over three decades. The SMS legacy of innovation and technical prowess has empowered PCL to offer unmatched expertise in particle characterisation.

Professor Daryl Williams, the visionary behind SMS and PCL, reflects on these opening months: "Our vision for PCL was to become the global center of excellence for laboratories seeking characterisation solutions. It's heartening to see that vision taking shape as we empower researchers and laboratories to achieve remarkable breakthroughs."

The global family of Surface Measurement Systems Holding

A Global Endeavor

This cross-continental venture, made possible with the support of the UK Consulate in India and the Minister for Municipal Administration & Urban Development, Industries & Commerce, and Information Technology of Telangana, K.T. Rama Rao, has firmly established PCL in Hyderabad, India. The laboratory at PCL boasts state-of-the-art instrumentation, making it a global beacon of scientific progress based in the heart of one of India’s fastest growing scientific hubs.

The Arsenal of Innovation

PCL continues to deploy an impressive array of particle characterisation techniques, allowing researchers to explore the world of materials at an unprecedented level of detail. From Dynamic Vapor Sorption to Light Scattering, our arsenal empowers laboratories to gain insights, make discoveries, and drive progress across various industries.

Six Months of Impact

Since launching at BioAsia 2023 in February, PCL has made a tangible impact in the world of particle characterization. Researchers have harnessed our services to advance drug formulation, optimize manufacturing processes, and address environmental challenges. In-house training sessions have been essential to PCL’s mission of spreading materials research expertise, and empowering its partners to always strive for excellence and innovation in their scientific endeavours. With exciting new announcements and expansion for the business expected in the next 6 months, this first half year is just the opening act of PCL’s story.

The Grand Opening of PCL with local and international dignitaries, Feb 2023

Join us on the Journey

Particle Characterization Laboratories invites researchers and organizations to join them on their journey of scientific exploration and innovation. Whether you're seeking to unlock the potential of a new material or solve a complex research challenge, PCL is here to partner with you.

To explore the possibilities, collaborate on research, or engage our contract research services, visit Particle Characterisation Laboratories. Together, we'll continue to shape the future of materials research and discovery, one particle at a time.