Hands-On Workshop on Sorption Sciences: From Theory to Application

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This interactive workshop, taking place at the PCL Hyderabad Office on 12 & 13 September 2023, offers participants a unique opportunity to delve into the world of sorption sciences through practical hands-on activities and discussions. 

From understanding the fundamental principles to exploring real-world applications, participants will gain valuable insights into the diverse uses of sorption science in various fields. The seminar will explore key principles, differing mechanisms of the science, characterization techniques, and cutting-edge applications.

A combination of experiments, simulations, and group discussions, attendees will leave the workshop equipped with a solid foundation in sorption sciences and the skills to apply this knowledge in their own research and projects.

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Upcoming Events
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Date & Time
12 September 2023
Start - 1:30 pm
13 September 2023
End - 11:00 pm Indian/Cocos

Particle Characterisation Laboratories Private Limited

Plot No. C-1, Block III IDA,
Hyderabad 500039
Telangana TS
+91 40 3517 6902
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Particle Characterisation Laboratories Private Limited

+91 40 3517 6902

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